Monday, July 26, 2010

Black Rock Shooter the anime

Just finished "Black Rock Shooter". I Really loved the animation and the detail work they put into it. Also for all of you who where hoping that they use the song "Black Rock Shooter" well no need to worry they did (but not the full song)
The story was very interesting even if the back and forth between Meto's world and BRS's world gets a little confusing, it's still good all the same.

Here's the beginning 

Also in the end watch till the end even after the credits there's an end clip. This clip mite be a hit to anther BRS ova!

On a side note why do all of Meto's friends grow to hate her and then try to kill her....... 

Edit: I'm adding the PV that started it all (for so reason it was hard to find!!!)
So Enjoy my edit xD I personally like the other version which you can find here.


  1. Is Black Rock Shooter similar to Vocaloids or something?
    That black hair chick reminds me A LOT of Miku, except she's in a more skimpy outfit, carries an effing huge gun, and has a light coming out of her eye - in conclusion, badass xD

  2. @sylphalchemist No it's a song that Miku sings. And there where characters made for the song and a whole video made for it. (if that helps. but you'll get wayy more info at wiki xD)