Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan reviewish-rant

(Okay let me start by saying this post is going to start with how good it was with no spoilers then I go into a rant with toonnnns of spoilers)

Basically enjoyed it very much and looking forward to the new season. All the character are different and the animation was great. And you can't forget about the storyline! I found it amazing and unexpected.

Now it's time for Spoilely rant!

Now I don't mind Chizuru at's just don't expect her to have a moment to shine. I really mean it! When ever she get close to using her sword BAM! Someone steals her thunder!
episode 12 is a good example of this  I would love to see Chizuru just get pissed off and yell at who ever saves her.
"damn! Every time! Every DAMN time! you've had your time of awesomeness! Now just give me mine!"
Even being an oni doesn't change a thing. You think she would learn to use thoughts powers. Nooooo! All shes done so far is heal really fast.
Then her twin shows up! Her awesome (crazy) half. And yes it's a trap (the family that cross-dresses together, stays together.)

goes down the list of characters

Now let's see Toshizo. My first thought is Tsundere.....and it still is. The sad part is we all know that this is who Chizuru is going to pick.
  • He's the first character that Chizuru meets (first person the character sees= love)
  • Just look at the op he's everywhere
Sannan he's a creep. End of story.

Heisuke. haha! they have a boy lolita in a samurai anime!

Saito. cool. clam. quite. (hmmm...made that's why he's not my favorite character. All he has to do is freak out and were all good.)  
Yay! My favorite character is up Okita! Why I like him? No clue really (I like hes hair!)
It's just my luck to pick the character that's dying from cancer tuberculosis.

All there other characters are just there.

Also if your bald in this anime then your died. I knew this from episode 2. No, you need a full head of hair to live in this anime. (the ninja guy don't count. he jinx himself and we all know it!)

Side note:
I'm surprised that Chizuru remember (baldey's?) dying words. I know I wouldn't of! They where just to long.
Me at his grave
"his dying word to do with trees and a dream! ya a ya he's died."

Well I'm done. Maybe tomorrow I'll watch Angel Beats.

Edit: for typos and bad sentences 


  1. "(the family that cross-dresses together, stays together.)"


    In the manga, she doesn't even TOUCH her sword xD. The one time she does do something, it's bursting through the door and chucking a bowl at some guy.
    Guy: >_> *stares*
    Okita: (he was fighting guy) o_O WTF!?
    Guy: *stabs Okita since he's just staring at Chizuru, like really? A bowl? Not a knife? Or a blunt object?*
    Okita: motherf@#$! A pointy object would have prevented this!!!!! *flops around in pain*
    Chizuru: oopssssiiiieee.... ^^:

    But I don't care that Chizuru can't fight. I mean, none of the guys have bothered to go, hey, you have a sword. I have sword too. And I know how to use it! Let's teach you some basic moves to protect you a little :D
    Nope, it's just, you do anything and we'll kill you ><;
    (I'm still in the beginning of the anime and I've only skimmed the chapters in the manga xD).

  2. @sylphalchemist
    "(Let's teach you some basic moves to protect you a little :D)"

    Thought about that too! they should of done that a little (=cute moments)

    but there where times when she got sooo close to using it, doing something cool, be brave, moment of awesome! until someone saves her.