Thursday, July 22, 2010

People are stupid as a group.

Warning this is a rant about the place where I live:

The small town I live in made the news. Apparently someone broke into the local cemetery and stole dead peoples remands (the ashes not the bones.)
The only reason it made the news was the possibility of it being black magic (ooooo~ scawry~)

I beat you 10 bucks it some idiots bored out of there minds! Which brought up the topic of how boring our small town is.

So you understand how boring this town is.....
  • We don't have a book store
  • We don't have any big-name clothing stores (unless you count walmart)
  • No arcades
(But we have tons of fastfood places)
but I guess I can't complain to much or can I?

I also have a question. Why do people act dumber than they really are when they're around a group of people?

What brought this on you ask? Well I'm watching The Simpsons Movie.

End of Rant


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