Friday, July 23, 2010

Some more arts!

Maybe I should just post all my art at once.....ah~well~
I finished this yesterday but I already posted my Erika drawing and I had to wait a day (this is my law, no more then one drawing a day!)
But I hope you like it and also I did use layers with this one xD.

Well enjoy!


  1. Nice 8D
    One layer is so crazy
    I like doing cell shaded so I have to have lots of layers (plus since I'm still a newb I keep having to erase and change stuff xD)

    For some reason her outfit reminds me of a character from the video game Disgaea. The character in question is a female samurai. Maybe it's just me:

    Your outfit is more conservative though (as you can tell from the picture) xD

  2. @sylphalchemist I do tons of layers for my normal stuff. but after watching video that use only one layer i'm like "Damn! now I have to try it!"

    ohh~ I like that outfit more~ looks fun to draw lol