Sunday, July 11, 2010

Soul Eater Chapter 76: Black Star vs. Hole in ground

This post will be shorter then normal because there's really not much to say about this chapter.

The chapter starts off with Maka and all her power up goodness.

Thous the fight begins.

Giriko shows some epic moves. And now Soul come up with a plan I always thought Maka was the one with the plan. 
Because of Soul piano skills they beat Giriko. He is cut in half and.....explodes.
No they didn't beat Giriko in fact he turns into a girl....I think everyone in the manga is going to be genderbent whether they like it or not.

After all the she tell the story about how he became a she (even if it makes no sense)
We then see Black Star. 2 pages of talk later a hole opens up just for Black Star (you suck! it should be Liz and Patty!)
Black Star then jump into the hole and it shallows him up!
and his falling

and falling


and goes right passed Kid.
First there's happiness and then there's oh shit factor.
I love how Kid doesn't move an inch.


I love how the long wait for the epic BS vs Kid fight will be put off yet again >.>"


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