Saturday, August 7, 2010

California's log 1

This post was really for yesterday so I'll be posting today's happenings tomorrow (and so on and so on)
So enjoy~

California log day 1  

I figured by the end of each day of me being in California I would write blog entry.
And also my uncle's house is in the middle of the city which means other people ( kids playing basket ball out side my room)
So I mite also well type something up.

The day started with my dad waking me up at 3:00 (yes everybody, that's in the morning!) I manged to get one hole hour of sleep.
Me being me, I'm like a hyper spaz and is all hyped up on excitement and lack of sleep.
My dad drove while I decided to point everything out (you know to keep me from passing out)

The drive was fun but one thing I need to caution anybody who is going to drive a large distances:
Never ever go to a gas station that isn't a popular station. (like shell)
The gas station we pulled into was the gas station from hell! as my dad puts it
You know, like the gas station that's in the middle of nowhere and where it's owned by some toothless guy wearing overals holding a gun. (we didn't anybody, but it paints a picture don't you think?)

Needless to say we hailed ass out of there!

At next stop (after getting gas at a shell station) was to pick up my uncle (anther uncle, not the one that I'm in there house)
you know what he'll be uncle #1
(because he was born first)
We picked him up. (also I need to add the fact we took along some fruit that he had. This is of importance, trust me)
After some more driving we get to the border of California.
when going to California DON'T BRING YOUR OWN FRUIT! I'm not kidding! The guy that was there was nice and let use keep the fruit because of the fact they were fresh fruit. (no fruit flies)

Anyways it was fun playing guess-who-sings-this-song!

Also here's some pics that I toke.
I thing this somewhere on the border
took me forever to get the right shoot of this!
the alien's have landed!

Anyways it became lunch time. I wasn't to hungry but got something anyways. I then saw some guy looking at me. Me, trying to acted cool and pretend I didn't see them. But me being me end up spilling soda all over my shoe. I tried to act casual didn't work. To make matters even more embarrassing, they kept talking about what they just saw. Even one of them were like shut up! (and i was thinking: Shut up!)

so all in all, I wanted to crawl under a rock and die...

(so after that drama)
We when back to playing guess-who-sings-this-song and for one of the songs my dad guessed "Black Eyed Chili Peppers"
I'm not joking he thought that was a real band.
It made for some laughs, as we made it to unlce #2's house.

more stuff happens but I'm tried and the stupid kids finally stopped playing basketball, so this is good night!~


  1. First off: KAITO <3 (your icon)

    "You know, like the gas station that's in the middle of nowhere and where it's owned by some toothless guy wearing overals holding a "

    Haha, wow. Thankfully never pulled into one of those stations. There was always a Shell or Exon nearby to the rescue!
    Random: When driving up here to my new apartment, it's sad how the less popular gas stations had great bathrooms while the popular ones stank like hell. Seriously think people just went in the sink and/or trashcan D:

    "Anyways it was fun playing guess-who-sings-this-song!"

    I did that too when I went up here with my dad :D
    Passed the time real quick!

    I hate it when there's a (cute) guy staring at you but you don't want to be obvious and let him see the drool falling down the corner of your lip so you try to ignore him, but then something happens that makes you look like a fool (has happened to me many times ;_;)

    Nice at your dad guessing "Black Eyed Chili Peppers." Dare I admit that I too thought they were real when I was younger? *sweatdrop*

    Hope you have fun and be safe :D

  2. @sylphalchemist
    found the icon and I'm like "asdsfgh!!! it's so cute!"
    it was very scary!
    it's sad to find out that thoughts bathrooms are clean every day. but then they still smell like ass mixed with ass with just a hint of ass.

    I normal have 12 years old stare at me (guess I'm sexy to a 12 year old)
    and i always make an idot out of my self in front of hot guys ;-;

    didn't you know there very popular ;D lol

    you too! have fun in your new apartment!