Sunday, August 8, 2010

California's log 2

I procrastinated this post till to day. So all events happened yesterday! Also the post isn't that long.
I mite be because of bad memory. (I'm getting tooo old! lol)

California log day 2 

My Dad and my uncles went golfing. So it was just me and my aunt.
A little back store about my aunt is:
she likes to talk. lot.
She will tell you who is doing what and where. And will complain about the smallest things over and over.

(so back to my story)

Went out to eat lunch at Red Robin (yum!) and then go see the movie Incetption. Red Robin was good! But inside was freezing inside! (it didn't help that we were sitting under the A/C.) After we ate we when to see Inception!
I liked that movie! Very good story, cool affects, and good side story. (My aunt was confused by the whole movie)
We had time after the movie to check out the coolest sporting good store EVER!
yes, that's right I said store.
flying fish!


I've never seen so many stuffed dead animals in my life!
also we bought some yummy smore's fudge there (I know smore's fudge! impossible!)

This post seems so small, but that's all that happened that was note worthy~


  1. Your aunt sounds like my grandma. She's a gossip hound. She's always chasing after scuttlebutts (gawd I love that term)

    Interception was an awesome movie graphics/special effects wise. The story was a little on the confusing side though. My main concern was if they can control how a dream looks, why can't they control stuff happening in the dream. Like make a rocket launcher appear (I mean, they had their guns, and it's not like you're allowed to have guns on an airplane so they couldn't have been carrying it on hand).
    But otherwise a decent movie :3
    I'm more into cute stuff so maybe that's why I didn't <3 this movie to death. Scott Pilgram on the other hand was awesome and I've never even read the comics! Def recommend to watch (esp if you're a video game geek like myself :3)

    Emmm Smore fudge. The things science creates <3

    Hope you're having fun ~

  2. @sylphalchemist
    My aunt is so annoying sometimes. *sigh*

    really, I love Inception (I love psychological thrillers!)

    "My main concern was if they can control how a dream looks, why can't they control stuff happening in the dream."

    That never bothered me (never really notice)
    ahhh, now it going to bug me >.<

    Smore fudge is the god of fudge!