Monday, August 2, 2010

Okita and....female Okita?!

I think I'm not going to be happy until I gender-bended every one of my favorite characters.
Let's see...I've already drawn fem!Kid (soul eater), Kaito(vocaloid) and now Okita (hakuouki)
Oh, man! now I need to draw all of my favorite characters and there gender-bent other half. (I started it I shall finish!)

Also I'm very much happy with my new style of coloring and mite keep it up!
I'm done talking now, enjoy~
see! very much different from my usual stuff


  1. Kya! Female Okita xD
    Lol ~
    Poor Chizuru is going to be confused if she goes down his love route in the anime/manga/video game!

    Can I ask how you did the shading (esp on the sleeve)? It looks so professional :O *jealous*

    (random: your little icon wouldn't happen to be from Shadow Hearts now would it?)

  2. @sylphalchemist
    lol! Chizuru is not the only one that has a twin now!

    In stead of using blur on sai I used the air brush tool. it works way better for blending!

    (no, the icon is from Umineko. it's the newest character for the dōjin soft visual novel. there is an anime but this character doesn't should up yet.)

  3. OMG I saw that!
    Her trap bro!
    Totally lol-ed my ass off when I saw him in the manga xD

    Oh, Air Brush? So do you first draw in the "shadow" then air brush it (like, do the shadow on one layer and add the air brush to that layer) or do you just go straight with the air brush? *curious*

    (ah dang. Because he looks a lot like the main character from Shadow Hearts, except 2-D)

  4. @sylphalchemist
    haha I know! I started to wonder if the crossdressing ran in the that explains the pink shirt!!

    draw the shadow and then airbrush right over it x]

    (oh snap! there like twins! it wouldn't surprise me if that's where they got the design. They've done it before)

  5. Everything is making sense now xD So when Chizuru grabbed that outfit from her father's closest, she didn't hesitate for a second to think, why the f is there pink in here?
    She donned that outfit with pride, the same pride her father had when he dawned that outfit and probably went somewhere father's don't normally frequent to (I'll leave it up to your imagination to guess where he went xD)

    Thanks for the tip!
    I'm so new with SAI that any tip helps :D

    [Oh really? I've only seen like a random chapter of the manga xD Was totally lost]

  6. @sylphalchemist
    haha! we all know where her father probably goes in his spare time xD That probably where's hes hiding ;D

    no problem!
    Glad to be of help!

    (it's a really good murder mystery with a twist! I recommend)

  7. Lol! So true. OMG, did they ever find the dad? Because I remember you saying that bald people = reduced lifespan in Hakuouki.
    And her dad's head was like a baby's butt

    [I'm surprised he wasn't more bishi looking...>_>;
    He was so...old know...]

    (hoho, I will put that into my eventually-will-watch-pile (a very large pile that will probably never have an end xD))

  8. @sylphalchemist We don't know yet! In the end they almost completely forgot about him.
    bald people or thinning hair =death
    in the anime. is sooo true it's almost scary

    [I think it would of been awesome if that where true you know like a kick ass dad!]

    (I have so many stuff in the will-watch-someday-pile that's it's almost sad)