Saturday, August 14, 2010

Umineko 7!!

I know this may be a little late-ish but I was so happy when I found the motion Graphic and Spoilers in the same day!
The Spoilers can be found here.
The Spoilers mite be fake so don't trust everything you read ;D

So I guess Shannon is really Beatrice?! Whaaaaat? if that's true then Battler is going to kick Georges ass! 
I thought that skittle twins Zepar and Furfur were Shannon and Kanon. (I like that idea more but only for shipping reasons)
I can tell this is going to be mostly about Shannon and Kanon. (my lest favorite characters, bleh)
There's so many new characters one even looks like Ray from Hatenko Yuugi 

The Seven Stakes in Shannon's maid outfit is funny and I reallly hope it's real!

Edit: thanks to Anonymous for telling me that the Seven Stakes in the maid outfits are real! Now I must draw fanart of them ;D


  1. The Seven Stakes in maid outfit is NOT fake! I just finished the reading of the EP7 some minutes ago.

  2. @Anonymous
    thank you Anonymous! *goes to update post*

    (I now I wonder why. you don't have to answer that just me think out loud)

    thank you once again x]