Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Angel Beats Fanart

That's right I finally got around to watching Angel Beats! I'm not done with the series yet so I didn't make a review (but trust me it will be coming ;D)
Anyway after ep. 7 I decided that Ayato is my favorite character!

So here's Chibi Ayato!
(ps- I think I'm getting better at my chibis x3)
"useless, your all useless! All but you Otonashi-san!!!"~ Ayato


  1. I know I already said this on DA but I just gotta say it again: cute :D
    And because I commented again, he gets another hug

    I will one day watch Angel Beats
    I watched one ep a LONG time ago so that's a start at least xD

  2. @sylphalchemistawww thank you o3o
    You need to!!
    It's really funny and good (and don't forget all the guys ;D)