Thursday, September 2, 2010

Angel Beats review with side rant

I'm going to do the same thing I did with my Hakuouki review. First is the normal review and then is my review with tooons of spoilers (with Angel Beats it's not really a rant.)

I love this anime! I laughed, I cried, hated characters, then loved them again. In Angel Beats there's always something for someone! Action, Drama, Humor, (a little) Horror, and a touch of romance.
I would say it's like Clannad in heart felt moments.
Also the animation is amazing! backgrounds and coloring were done so well! 

Time for Spoilers (so do read past this point)  

So let me go down the list of character.
  • Nakamura, Yuri
In the beginning I didn't care for her. Later on in the episodes I hated her. And then in the end I loved her and sad to see her go.
  • Otonashi, Yuzuru
He is one of my favorite characters in Angel Beats. In the beginning he has no clue who or how he died (yes all the characters in Angel Beats are dead.) 
We fined out how he died in episode 7, or so we thought later in the episodes we fined out he didn't from the train crashing but died 7 days later in a tunnel (the train crash in a tunnel in which both sides of the tunnel where blocked)
I fined it sad that he died seconds before the rescuers came.
(side note: while trapped in the tunnel one of the survivors tried to steal water.....where the hell do you think your going to go?! Your TRAPPED in a tunnel!)
We also later find out he wasn't supposed to be at the limbo-highschool in the first place. He was only there because he lost his memory.
  • Tachibana, Kanade
At first your like okay she the bad guy. Then later fined out oh hey she's no.! It's just Yuri is a bitch!
Early in the anime I'm like  I support YuzuruxKanade. So I was very happy with the end x3

(I'm skipping to Naoi because he is awesome!)
  • Naoi, Ayato
fanart I did of Naoi
Ah yes, Naoi are as i like to know him as Yuzuru's bitch, but let me get to the beginning.
Naoi shows up in episode 6 at first I'm like, "what an asshat!!" then I was like, "awww that poor asshat!" then later I was like, "Naoi your awesome!"
......That's all I have to say about Naoi.

okay that was more like character bios then spoilers but what ever!
That's it buh-bye!


  1. Who steals water when trapped in a tunnel? o_O
    Boy better be lucky no one captured him and then used HIM as survival rations

    OMG, I'm going to need tissues when watching this series. I cry easily ;_; esp when charas die (well, when it's charas I care about)

  2. @sylphalchemist That part is so stupid. At first I was like okay your stealing water....were are you going to after that..Duhhhh
    (This is why people need to think things over)

    I'm a big baby to (<--- I cry during previews of "How to Train your Dragon". My friend looked over at like, "Are you crying?!"
    Me: S-shut up! *crys*)