Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chibi Maka

This post would of been sooner but for some reason me and blogger didn't agree and it took longer to format. But I do love the fact that now I can upload gif! yay! So anyway.....
I finished this a while back ("a while back" being a week ago.)  I'm very much happy with the coloring =D
Also I'm happy to say I'm get pro at drawing chibis!!! hohohoho!

"HUH?! Did you say something?"


  1. Blogger hates everyone
    (just my opinion as someone who leaves comments but half of them never show)

    Aw, Maki looks gangster with that pose
    You wanna start something small fry!? *angry face*

  2. @sylphalchemist
    I think there's just something wrong with my blog went it comes to comments -_-

    gangster maka!?
    I think you gave me an idea for anther maka fanart

  3. Duwaa~ That's so cute. *totally jealous* :3 I love your art style.

  4. @Shiki haha thank you o3o for a while there I sucked at drawing chibis so i'm glad at how well this one turned out x]