Friday, September 17, 2010

So you know I'm not dead

Hey everybody! turns out I'm not dead, just lazy.
So, like many people that follow me on twitter already know, I'm back at school. My classes themselves are unbelievably easy! All my teachers are cool (unlike last year -_-'') and I made friends in each class (well people I talk to at least). Any complains? Well duhhh!
Of course I have complains! Like why don't anyone believe in showers anymore!?
Let me explain, this year many of the new freshman aren't so fresh if you know what I mean.
(side note: never go to bathroom in the freshman hall. I guess they don't know how to flush after there done with there business.)
yes there's probably more thing to talk about other then the unfreshman but right now that's what I'm bugged with (had to sit in front of a scrub today so I feel the need to post this. even if the scrub was a junior >_>")

Well I end this post with a lesson to all of you. Remember to take daily showers, don't forget to brush your teeth at least twice a day, and always wear deodorant!


  1. Is your school air conditioned?
    Back in HA, we had no AC
    And if it was a hot and humid day, and the muscle guys next to you decided deodorant was for pussies, heaven grant you a stuffy nose because it was a stink that just won't let go away D:

    In general, I hate sitting next to stinky people
    Just please use SOMETHING to cover the smell
    You may enjoy the smell of yourself but SOME PEOPLE WITH NOSES like myself DON'T!!!! D:
    It's not that scary to clean yourself!
    And you'll make a lot of people happy that way!!!

    (wonder if this comment will ever show up? Seeing how my other comments have all been sent to the abyss :<)

  2. @sylphalchemistdepends on the class
    some classes are so cold that you think your in the arctic while other classes you think your in the middle of the desert!
    What happened to art of staying clean?!
    gesh, people now days...

    (I got it! I guess it just takes awhile ;;)