Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Zero No Tsukaima review

I'm going to try to make this review better then some of my others (kind of half-assed the Angel Beats review)
So I'll do better with Zero no Tsukaima!
needs more guys....

To tell you the truth I started to watch this because I wanted to watch a stupid love-comedy. And that's what I got but the more you get into it the more interesting it gets! Even if i was kind of if-ey  about the artwork   
Thought character wise...Louise was a little hit or miss for me. Sometimes I'm like, "aww she so cute!" but others "WTF!? Go die in a hole! Saito shouldn't have to put up with this crap!"
She takes Tsundere to an extreme level! It's tsundere with a twist of yandere with a hit of Kuudere. But Saito on the other hand, he's perverted but also level headed, complains but puts up with a lot of crap (mostly Louise whipping him with a horse whip) Which makes me wonder if he has any weird fetishes that we don't know about....
So character wise i like him over psycho-tsundere Louise any day >.>;
The supporting characters are cool as well (quite book-worm, slut, man-whore, and maid)

Also found found there is 2 other season out after this one (so only 13 episodes aren't that bad, right? ;D)

Last point i need to make is, "fighting airplanes beats dragons every time!" 


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