Saturday, October 23, 2010

Because, alcohol and Halloween don't mix !

This post is Rated PG-13 for mild sauce   
Wow! it's October again! Which means tons of work and no free time for me. And why do i bring this up? Well silly that's because that's what this post is going to be about x]
Anyway, the start of my busy mouth is Powderpuff (girl football just so you know ;D)

I played as defensive line-man more like line woman  After a week of practice the game started and we tied. Well I got a shirt out of the deal ;D I felt kind of bad because we would of won if I was on the field. I'm glad know one got mad at me for it ^^;; 
Well powderpuff ended with that one game. So you'd think my busy mouth was over, HA! No, now I'm working at a haunted house for the drama club. Today was my first day working in the haunted house! I was playing as a crazy person in a jail. It was fun to scare the shit out of small kids xD lol that sounds bad but it's true   
Well the later it got the more drug people came into the haunted house and that's when it accord. One of my friends was grabbed by the throat and the guy said, "I'll play with you". Everyone in the haunted house went after him to get him to leave.
I think they need to have a cop outside the place just to make sure drug asses can't get in. The last thing we need is some drug guy trying to kill kids in a haunted house.
here's anther reason why we need a cop outside the haunted house
At times like this I feel like my life is like a manga.....not really a good thing but stilll.....

Well the mouth is still not over so I'm still so busy...
(ps-I probably typed "Haunted House" like a million times already >.>;)


  1. D: omg now that's SCARY!

    How many bars are situated around your haunted house!?

    Totally hope you'll be okay girl!

  2. @sylphalchemist
    it was! And the later it gets the drunker they get D:

    a lot! a least more then 3

    I'll be find ;D (<--is behind a wall)