Saturday, October 23, 2010

Genderbent Kid....but as a paperchild!?

I've finally finished my second paperchild! (the first one being an uncolored one of Alice from Pandora Hearts)
So this counts as my first fully colored paperchild. Anyways, I made this a while back (before I started hardcore fan-girling over America) but it took this long to finally color and cut it out. wow I'm slow!

before I cut it out .
not my favorite pic but whatever
I think this was the best shot.

Tools used: pen, pencils, and color pencils
Character: Death the Kid (genderbent ver.), Soul Eater
Time: a mouth do to procrastination 
Thoughts?: Yes! finally done!!!!!!!!


  1. How cute x3
    Like that he's dressed in as a Gothic Lolita
    Daddy must be so proud ~
    (Shinigami: I wears that stuff every Saturday night. I wear the black while Chizuru's dad wears the white version. Our call girl names are Shadow and Light.)
    (lol lol lol to the thought of Chizuru's dad in Lolita garb haha)

    PS like your manga collection in the back x3

  2. @sylphalchemist
    aww thanks x3
    "And at night we fight crime!! Because we are LOLITA RANGERS!!!!")
    (Chizuru's dad in a lolita outfit...WIN! lol)

    thank you! But i bet yours is much more impressive