Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Japan I drew you, why?

New art post, yays! This time it's Female Japan. In truth I don't know why I drew her. Japan's got to be one of my least favorite character in Hetalia -_-; Why? Because he's soooo boring Dx If it wasn't for Italy and Germany he would be completely useless.......(sorry if your a Japan fan. And I just bitch out your favorite character.)
Despite that, I still drew fem!Japan. Mainly because it's fun to draw her hair x3


gray eyes instead of brown...because I CAN!
Program(s)/Tool(s) used: Pencil, Pen, SAI*, Photoshop
Character: Japan (Nyotaila ver.), Hetalia
Time: only about an hour to color and a few minutes to draw
Thoughts?: Japan you should feel happy I drew you!


  1. ;__________;
    I hate you blogspot
    Don't lie by saying there was an error with my post
    You just don't want my posts. PERIOD.

    I had this awesome post and blogspot deleted it
    Well...main point is: cute picture!

    My epic post...
    *goes to cry in a corner*

  2. @sylphalchemist
    damn you blogger! stop hatin' on Michi!

    Thank you. As you can tell I drew this before I knew what fem!Japan really looked like.