Friday, October 8, 2010

Need gun powder?

Yay! Finally completed some fanart! (I know feels like it's been forever)
I have so many half drawn stuff, basically a lot of ruff sketches and compteted line-art without color.
So it feels good finishing something. All so I've into animation (if you can't tell from my SH icon ;D)

Anyway my fanart is of America! I've really been meaning to draw Canada or a least some other Hetalia character so people don't get mad at me for it. Ah-well~! You all can just deal with it.
"My gun is bigger then yours ;D"
 I once again started to try a new coloring style used: airbrush, marker, acrylic, and pen don't forget eraser and undo button!

Program used: SAI and Photoshop
Character: America, from Hetalia
Time: um...a long time
Thoughts?: My hand hurts! and it's late! so time to go bed


  1. America rocks
    That's why you keep drawing America >:D
    (BTW he's adorable in your pic x3)

    "There's a snake in my boot"
    For some reason, Toy Story just popped in my head

    Ugh, it's so busy right now
    I haven't had much time to doodle at all D:
    *watches a tumbleweed blow across her DA account*

  2. @sylphalchemist He is!!! Any fun to draw x3 (even his fem. version ;D)

    haha! Toy story pop in your like a ton of gun jokes popped in my head ;D

    Omg! me too! I haven't be able to get on online as must as I would like to. (even right now I'm in my web design class.)