Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Previews of up and coming art...and what not

I figured that I need to post something  so I'm going post previews of up and coming art that I've been working on but probably won't finish for a while (mainly do to school work and what not.)  But don't worry there's many blog posts to come! (I've planned them all out but laziness is stopping me from writing them >.>;;)
Anyway here's some of the previews.

Alice! from Pandora Hearts! (see something other then Hetalia fanart)

This time Echo!

Random neko x3

And what's an art post without America!!!!
 I bet you all now can't wait to see these babies done ;D
But wait there's more!
There's even some of the art that I haven scanned in yet!
stupid shadow! Get out of my shot!


  1. ALICE <3

    You have so many pictures :D
    DA is going to be excited in the future to have your art displayed ~

    I was wondering, since you are the SAI/PS master, do you have any tips on how to make scanned items look less crappy? (like, darken the lines, make the white stuff go away, etc?) Any help would be awesome x3 *puppy eyes*

  2. @sylphalchemist I draw them all a while back and still need to color them Dx

    Well first step open up photoshop
    and add a new layer.
    then go back to your pic layer (not your new) and go to image > Adjustments > Levels
    and move the arrow things around till your lines look good.
    then go to Select > Color range
    and select your lines then after all selected got to your new layer and go over it with the brush tool

    hope that helps o3o