Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Air Review (it's because of pollution !!)

I finally watched my Air DVDs and it's about time I made the review! Well in truth I finished the Air DVDs last week but never got around to the review until about now (and even so I've been meaning to write other blog-posts but end up never getting around to it.)
Anyway let's get this show on the road!
up in a away!

Summery from MAL: 
Yukito Kunisaki is on a journey in search of the Winged Maiden who was bound to the sky centuries ago, after hearing an old childhood tale from his mother. As Yukito shows his puppet show to people in an attempt to make some money, he finds himself in a small town in which he did not expect to stay very long. However, when he meets an unusual girl named Misuzu, things take a drastic turn as he is invited to stay with her.

By staying in the quaint town, Yukito soon becomes friends with the locals. As he gets to know them better, he learns of their problems and decides to help, putting his search for the Winged Maiden on hold. With his search on hold, and his growing attachment to Misuzu and the small town, will Yukito ever find the Winged Maiden, or is she closer than he thought?

I had high hopes for this series, knowing that it was by the same people who bought us Clannad. But sadly it was only 12 episodes that were kind of put to gather in a weird way. The two other characters (you know the the characters that aren't part of the main coupling). Also, the story took a complete 180 and turned from a love story to a family drama. Which was probably what made it so confusing. And adding the past storyline just added to the confusion  
Art wise it wasn't to bad. In that the backgrounds were beautiful and the characters thought not so much., for some reason the two didn't match up.
It's entertaining and worth watching, but again not one my favorites.

Final Thoughts: meh, it's okay.


  1. Yay, while AIR is pretty...I don't know.
    I didn't cry like a baby like with Clannad. It was just...meh (maybe bc I already knew what was going to happen?)

    I like the main guy but I think he got the shit stick in life. *^*%%^ I mean, they turned the only guy into a crow! WTF!? >:U I like my cute men human thank you!

    Sucks they never even got to flippin kiss!
    (this is why I like the movie - Yukito may have sounded like he has nasal congestion but at least he got to first base!)
    (but I don't like how it made it seem like Yukito was off to commit suicide: "I'm the place where whatsherface is ~" TOTALLY sounds suicidal)
    (So that's why I like the anime's ending where they are reincarnated)

  2. @sylphalchemist
    I was like well it wasn't that great but it wasn't too bad.
    I was expecting to bawl like in Clannad but I didn't.
    (So I don't think that was it, I didn't cry either and I cry at everything!)

    And at one point there was like two of him and then had the little kids on the beach and I was like, "WTF?! What's happening!? is there like 3 of him now? D:"
    I mean what was the point of him even being there in the first place >:U

    Ya! They where more like BFF then boyfriend girlfriend. (I guess you need to watch both in order to understand the story. That or get the game >.>)