Friday, December 31, 2010

I better do this or else I'll regret it.

I figured I should make at least a end of the year post when I still have the chance. Plus I have a drawing block (kind of like writers block but with ya)Oh would you look at that looks like I have writers block too!
Anyways I just like to say that I 'm happy to say next month My Uniques will be 3 years old! I can't believe I've had this blog for that long 0-0

So I figured i'll upload an realllllly old pic I drew for my first art post.
omg! it's sucks so bad!!!!!!! wtf was wrong with me Dx


  1. :D that's amazing that you've had this blog for 3 years x3
    I've just passed my one year mark back in October. May we both have many years ahead of us!

    It's always fun to look back on your old art and see how you've changed, style wise :D

  2. @sylphalchemist
    hehehe so that means that my blog is the sempi to your blog xD
    yes may are blogs grow up to fine young web pages lol

    it change so much! my gawd it's so hard to look at Dx