Thursday, December 9, 2010

A post from Web design

Hey everyone ya missed me?
I would like to say that I was busy but really I wasn't. So I'll update you on whats going on. In Language Art I'm watching "How to Train Your Dragon" (which is now my favorite movie xD) I going to bug people about and maybe they'll get it for me for Christmas! Anyway, that was the main thing I wanted to take about (no really).

So I decide I'll show you screen shots of a web site I'm designing (It quick and not a part of my final so don't count this a my skill at work.)
Pretty right? Don't ask why the theme is oranges because I'm not to sure myself. Well I better wrap this up because my class is ending soon bye~

PS- Some good Christmas/Winter fanart (not the crap one I used for the banner *glares at it*)  will be coming soon...maybe I can't make any promises.


  1. What you talking about girl? I like your new banner x3 Did you use SAI's watercolors on it?

    Is your homepage about fruit? *suddenly hungry for fruit*

  2. @sylphalchemist
    awwww thanks your too kind x3
    I used a combo of blur, marker and airbrush

    lol yep xD I picked oranges for some reason