Friday, January 28, 2011

Because Breast sizes are importent to know about when drawing fanart!!!

Finally done with finals, almost done being sick, and one of my bigger art projects! xD yay for me! I feel like done a lot of stuff this week ^^

Well gets one with my drawing, because I have lots to say about. (mostly bad)
"Everyone wants an Hero!"
Program(s) used: SAI* and Photoshop
Character: France, Canada, America, England Hetalia (Nyotalia ver. and normal ver.)
Time: more then a week on and off
Music: "Lovegame" -Lady Gaga
Thoughts?: I got really lazy with coloring again...

This draw would look better if sai wasn't being impossible and would save it correctly! The only thing that I like about this is how (male) America's outfit turned out. Well, I'm also happy with how the hands turned out as well.
I know that Nyo!France 's is hair is darker then that but I wanted it to match reg!France 's hair (same goes for all the other characters)
I'm also planing on make a breast size chart for all the Nyotalia characters (sounds weird, right? xD) But seriously hear me out. I figured that there needs to be a set breast size for all Nyo characters (America D, Canada D also, England A-B, ect.)
Wow, after I read over that it sounds like it's coming from a 40 year old creepy man 0-0 But i will still not let go of this idea! *looks up to the heavens*


  1. Really love how crazy this picture is xD
    As usually, America is my favorite <3
    Though France is quite humorous xD Perv ~

  2. @sylphalchemist
    lol thanks!
    I thinking of doing a similar pic but with japan, germany, italy (north and south)