Saturday, February 26, 2011

(-_0 )

I really getting a lot of artwork done but before I get to that I have good news. I bought some DVDs which means there's some reviews to come!
Wow that was a short message
So lets get to the fanart then!
I decided to draw England in a epic fighting-like-james-bond-look. But after I drew and colored the whole thing I couldn't think of think of a background so your stuck with just a redish sky. Which makes it look all tragic and sad looking x____x

Friday, February 25, 2011

Whoop! I'm on a role! \(*0*)/

Warning this is spoiler for the "Kid Rescue Arc"
I been on a role of getting homework and artwork done. Thank goodness for snow days! The school is having snow day today. Which means I got more fanart done!
I've started this when the "rescue arc" in Soul Eater was done and left me feeling ripped off. There was no epic Liz & Patti action at all and no Epic Fem!Kid. So I felt the need to make a manga page that will hold all of the epiciness that was lost in months of chapter.
So basically this is something a drew for my own epic headcanon.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ooooh~ I'm on a role!

As I already said in this post. I been having a lot of free time to draw.
So once again I was trying out some new coloring style!~

Happy snow day and Art trade!

Today is now a snow day for because my school doesn't tell us bus routes  until last minute. So my mom just said you know what your "sick" today.
Me: \(*0*)/
That and my mom was worried about riding a bus in icy conditions. (which I think the school should of just made a 2 hour delay instead of just said, "hey! lets just go to snow routes! The kids should be safe then!" Even thought if you look out side you can see that is snowing pretty hard and the weather man said its going to be like that all day.
All I have to say is good luck to my friends ;D lol

Monday, February 21, 2011

I now hate you Erika!

I never ever what to draw again! Well maybe until tomorrow...

But the reason why I no longer want to draw is because today I decided, "Hey lets try to draw with more detail! Oh hey and maybe I should color and shade more to!" If I knew it was going to take all frickin day I would of never done it. Then again i'm kind of a drawing M, so I'll be at again.

So here the drawing the lead me to a drawing hell!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I just.....

Hey everyone I figured I should wright a non-art involved post. Well that's kind of a pie right there because I would make an art post if I could but do to the fact I'm having anther case of extreme drawing-block I had to just settle with typing something up in hopes of getting rid of it. Thought the real trouble is not being able to draw anything it more of, "I'm trying to make a new coloring style for myself but is unable to because of being to lazy". I also would like to wish everyone a happy Valentines days once again I was going to draw something but only failed at it....
Anyways, I was planning on buying some DVDs sometime this week so I can make some reviews! But I have to wait until my paycheck goes into my account before then (I would of had the money earlier but I when shopping and ended up buying a ton of cloths). So as soon as I get the money a can buy DVDs yay!
I'm trying to think of what else I need to update you guys on

I did get a tegaki account thought I'm mite not use it ever again (I can't draw with one layer that good).

Well, I'm out!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Remember that Breast Chart I promised...

I got a new program called Manga studios and I figured, "Hey I'll make my Nyotalia Breast Size Chart with this!"
Well after much bitching and toning everything I got it done! (yay)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Challenge!

So I'll get to the point. I made a challenge on twitter
I dare someone to draw fanart involving this outfit
And that outfit is this.
Is that not the hottest outfit you have ever seen?