Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy snow day and Art trade!

Today is now a snow day for because my school doesn't tell us bus routes  until last minute. So my mom just said you know what your "sick" today.
Me: \(*0*)/
That and my mom was worried about riding a bus in icy conditions. (which I think the school should of just made a 2 hour delay instead of just said, "hey! lets just go to snow routes! The kids should be safe then!" Even thought if you look out side you can see that is snowing pretty hard and the weather man said its going to be like that all day.
All I have to say is good luck to my friends ;D lol

Anyways, thank too my mom and the snow I was able to get my art trade with @sylpalchemist  done with. We decided to do anther art trade after I won a contest on dev. and never heard from the person that was going to draw my favorite Stray Love Hearts couple (Asukai x Hiyoki ;D) So shes going to draw Asukai x Hiyoki while I have to draw her favorite couple Kuga x Hiyoki.
For some reason when I thought of the couple I thought of ice cream... So that's why their rolling around in a sundae.
"whip cream? chocolate?.....Kinky!"
Program(s) used: SAI* and Photoshop
Character: Kuga & Hiyoki, Stray Love Hearts (chibis!)
Time: 3 days (on and off)
Music: Hot Mess -Cobra Starship
Thoughts?: ugh... mistake, mistakes everywhere!


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