Monday, February 21, 2011

I now hate you Erika!

I never ever what to draw again! Well maybe until tomorrow...

But the reason why I no longer want to draw is because today I decided, "Hey lets try to draw with more detail! Oh hey and maybe I should color and shade more to!" If I knew it was going to take all frickin day I would of never done it. Then again i'm kind of a drawing M, so I'll be at again.

So here the drawing the lead me to a drawing hell!

"wanna play a game?"

Program(s) used: SAI* and Photoshop
Character: Erika, Umineko (still fun to draw her!)
Time: like I said almost all frickin day!.
Music: The sound of my TV.....wasn't really listening to music :V
Thoughts?: I'm really happy this is done!!! In chase you can't figure out what the gold things are, their pawns (like in chess)


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