Friday, February 25, 2011

Whoop! I'm on a role! \(*0*)/

Warning this is spoiler for the "Kid Rescue Arc"
I been on a role of getting homework and artwork done. Thank goodness for snow days! The school is having snow day today. Which means I got more fanart done!
I've started this when the "rescue arc" in Soul Eater was done and left me feeling ripped off. There was no epic Liz & Patti action at all and no Epic Fem!Kid. So I felt the need to make a manga page that will hold all of the epiciness that was lost in months of chapter.
So basically this is something a drew for my own epic headcanon.

Program(s) used: Manga Studios
Character(s): Liz. Patti. Death the Kid. Noah. Gopher, Soul Eater (yay for fem!kid)
Time: ugh... long time
Music: Tons for epic songs that what
Thoughts?: ugh. I need to work on my tons more.....

For all of you that don't  know what the hell is going on in this page then I guess your just lost to never know what is happening (jk. just comment and I'll tell you)


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