Friday, March 4, 2011

Belarus! and not america!

I this is the second time I've drawn Belarus. For some reason I love the paring of BelarusxAmerica first favorite pairing is EnglandxAmerica becase it's hilarious even thought in reality (meaning history records) they don't have much contact. I don't care I'm going to live in my own denial!

"You D*ck! Why did you drop me?!"
Program(s) used: SAI* and Photoshop
Character: Belarus, Hetalia
Time: about 3 days
Music: Midnight Show -The Killers
Thoughts?: FFFFF! finally done ! thought the bubbles piss me off (-_-; )

I'm thinking of doing speed paint videos again. I stopped doing them because my computer crash everything I try to render the video D:


  1. Love x3

    She's probably pissed that the guy she was trying to stab did a shoulder throw and launched her into the water
    Her: ffffffffffffffff!

  2. @Sylph
    lol "why wont you let me stab you?!" (lol sounds dirty)