Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I guess this could be an update message

Do to extreme boredom I'm typing this (using the mobile app....again). I'm still waiting for the point when my school finally gets wifi in. I guess they have the wifi things up they just aren't working just yet. Yes, I checked.
But I'm more surprised by the fact that my school is getting wifi to begin with I go to a little school in the middle of nowhere. So I figured getting wifi would be the last thing they would ever get.

I have some none bored rambling about the school I go to.
I've started watching Gosick which I now love! I'll be writing a review about it a soon as it's over (by over I mean when the series ends.). So that's something to look forward too. Fanart wise, I started a couple of fanart projects! One is of America of course and the others are of other hetalia characters can't think of there names rite now...
I'm also thinking of doing a request thing to get me drawing different characters.
The request with probley be chibis or sketches of a character from one of these shows Hetalia, Gosick, vocaloid yes I know it's not a show, Soul Eater, Umineko, and maybe Angle Beats.
The thing is that only 5 slots with be open.
Thought I'm still thinking about it. I know I got everyones hopes up only to crush them in a instant! Well don't worry about it I mite do it this weekend. So comment so you can get frost dibs on something that mite happen this weekend.
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