Saturday, March 5, 2011

A message to Twitter followers and people that like my art

I planning on start this thing on twitter where people can request art work. The only thing is you have to wait for me to tweet some.
Let me explain. One you mit get a tweet saying, "Give me a character to genderbend." And all you have to do is @ me the character you want and anime there from. I'll only take on one (but that's only if there's tons of people @ ing me at once.)
Also when I'm done is mite be a chibi, doodle, or full drawing. It depends on mainly on the character.
I hope that everyone will join in with this!

~Meni ( @MyUniques )


  1. That sounds fun ^^
    (I'm too behind on stuff to do anything like that - also I'm a lazy bastard :D)

    I hope in the future you'll do more crazy challenges like the Cabin Boy one!

  2. @Sylph
    I figured I'll do this because I feel like I've been in a rut with characters I should draw so why not do requests! (*w* )

    ohoho I'll find some weird cloths somewhere!