Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sai can't save but photoshop got my back!

I was having Sai problems because it wont save my work and when I go over to photoshop and save it, it didn't look the same.
But after tweeking and working with color with photoshop. So everything is ok now ^^ yesterday on the other hand.....

"Come on let's go!"
Program(s) used: SAI* and Photoshop
Character: America, Hetalia (Wild West ver.)
Time: about 4 days
Music: Somewhere Only We Know -Keane
Thoughts?: The legs bug me so much! Also look, no prevy quote! xD


  1. America has some nice hips ;D

    America: o__O I feel my manhood is in danger
    Mexico: hohohoh <3
    (I don't even know if there is a Mexico... xD)

    Now, I'm not sure but is the top most hand backwards (shouldn't his thumb be on the bottom)? Or is it just the angle?

    I love the background x3
    Sorry to hear SAI is being a wiener (it acts screwy sometimes w me too)

  2. @Sylph

    lol xD
    nope no mexico...yet!

    *does pose*
    oh! gawd-damn-it! no I messed up Dx

    thank you!
    ya started saving with photoshop now ^^;;