Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Who's that Pokemon?!"

Anther drawing triggered by a conversion me and @sylphalchemist had.
It first started off as here talking about how Brothers Conflict was like pokemon so which lead to the conversion of if pokemon involved you catching hot guys. (who want to play that game right?!)
So this how the 'POKE’MON BISHI CHALLENGE' came to be. I had to draw the starter pokemon for ruby/sapphire (because that was the the first pokemon game I got, ya I was late in getting the games) and she had to draw the starter pokemon for red/blue (here's the first of her 3)
I finished all my pokemon bishies in one drawing because I'm insane like that...

"gota catch em' all"
Background texture is from here
here's a picture of  the original drawing of them.


  1. Love it x3
    And Treecko ~ hoho, hello there sexy ;D
    Mudkip...I always hated you because I always chose Torchic so you were my rival. But I'll let bygones be bygones because you're cute x3

    Awesome job Meni ~
    I'm slowly get mine out - just finished outlining Bulbasuar x3

  2. @Sylph
    Who wouldn't want to travel the countryside with these 3 bishies?

    Torchic being the playful type

    Treecko being the sexy tsundere type

    and Mudkip being the easy going yet the easily embarrassed type

    I'm happy you like~!
    ohhhhhh~~~~ I can't wait and seeeee~