Friday, June 10, 2011

The computer woes

Its finally the summer! And you know what that means! Lots of time to draw awesome fanart but during finals week my computer decided to commit suicide on me and die. My hard drive is still good but I'm stuck using our old laptop until I'm able to save up for my new computer....
I'm still going throw withdraws from my pen tablet (I miss you!!! TT^TT) But I've been old schooling it with colorpencils and markers. Lucky I got my School Rumble box set which has both seasons and all the OVAs which I'm going to watch them like a pro (like a pro?)   
I guess not having a computer will make me go out and do stuff more. So far I've been my friends everyday to do something with me xD.


  1. See, there is a benefit to not having a comp xD You actually get out and do things ~
    But do not forget us, Meni :_____:

    Enjoy School Rumble :3 I heard it's quite good - looking forward to your review on it ~

  2. @Sylphalchemist
    lol so true!
    We still have twitter so it's all good~

    so far it's pretty good x3