Friday, August 26, 2011

My Copy came!

I ordered a copy of Fragments  by Aiwa
And it came today! The Doujinshi is amazing, like a something I would buy at the book store.

here's some pics I toke with My ipod (reason for crappy pictures that don't do the Doujinshi justice.)

  I would keep typing like an idiot about it. But I think you should get your own copy to see the rest for yourself ;D


  1. 8D Nice! Doujinshi ~
    I'd love to own some but damnnnnn are they expensive D:
    Was yours a good deal? :3

    PS Love the pictures ~ thank you for sharing! Hope it's as good as it looks ;D

  2. @Sylphalchemist
    it was $13 including shipping so it was pretty good! (plus it's all in English ;D )

    haha your welcome xD