Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whoop summer fanart...finally!

After finally getting my new computer and having to deal with endlessly freezing up on me I finally finished some fanart :D.

"look at that bitch"
Program(s) used: GNU (on linux)
Character: America (nyotalia ver.)
Time: it's would of been only a couple of hrs but no. My computer likes to be a hoe about it and freezes up and I loose half me work >.>
Music: "Piece Of Me" - Brittney Spears
Thoughts?: I was messing with colors as you can tell.

Now that found out SAI doesn't work with linux (it's a computer operating system like windows, for the people that had no clue what the hell I was talking about ;D)
I've using this program GNU which is means I have to change the way I color and ink.

Anyways, I have some screen shots of me coloring (from tumblr )
You can tell I was messing around with colors.


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