Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mass art post from Tumblr

I told you I was going to post all my tumblr doodles at once.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Yeah! Another fucked up Halloween~

Every Halloween it seems has something really fucked up happen too me.
Now I know that it;s not yet Halloween, which is on a Monday. But it is to me because all the parties are this weekend. So first party was on Friday and me and my friend, the one who drove me, left early because unlike most people who enjoy staying up late with friends where old and don't care and wanted to watch the first ep of 'Grimm'. Which brings me to today, Saturday. Now this was at my friends house, the one that drove me to the first Halloween party. Now it was cool we ate I talk mostly with my other friend Rachael. Now we decided to play a game (it's like hide and seek but one person hides and everyone else looks for them.). I was pair with Rachael and we had to look for Celeste. Now it's 8:30 and it's night and the friend hosting the party has a massive back yard.
Anyways, Me and Rachael were having fun because it was like Black ops. Fun until an hour passes and we still haven't found Celeste. There were many other groups looking for her too. But there was no all. We started getting worried. We text her. No Reply. Call her. She doesn't answer. So we go out again and at this point where yelling this like, "Celeste you better NOT be dead!"
Me and Rachael finally see her walk out of the trees. We all hugged her. So round two of the game we had Jasmine and Colton  hide. Round two has the buddy system. We looking for them when I hear a man's voice me thinking it was Colton runs to the drive away. It wasn't anyone we knew AT ALL. Random creeper on drive away calls for end of game. The guy left but we couldn't keep playing. So everyone goes inside and we text Jasmine and Colton to tell them Game Over. They don't reply. Were getting worried, again.
They finally show up and basically we stopped play that game. Now my mom picks me up from the party.

Welcome to part two of fucked up Halloween:
My mom picks me and tells me there was people in are back yard laughing. Now we have a huge backyard with lots of places to hide. Now my mom thought with just an animal making a weird noise. No my dad starts yelling about getting his gun. My mom was confused because she thought nothing of the laughing. So it continues so my gets the gun and starts firing off some rounds (he shot into the ground so not to really kill anyone. Just scare them shitless)
So the laughing stops. Now there might still be people in are back yard right as I type this. Don't know and still don't.

That's all from stories of country life in Oregon.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

drew a background, LIKE A BOSS!

You have no idea how happy I am that this is finally done. My hand is cramped up and it's night time and I started in the morning. But it was worth it!
"Bitches be jealous of my wing and awesome camera!"

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh yeah, I have a blog

Sorry I've been busy~ I've been in Pittsburgh for the last 2 weeks  (don't worry I'm posting pictures).
I have also made an art blog on tumblr. Of course I'll be posting mass art posts here~

Anyway I noting more to say so here's some pictures of my trip.

okay 2 pics is about all your ting because all the other pictures are of family. 

Also I preordered this little baby~ (mainly for the little TV)