Saturday, November 12, 2011

this took to long to complete

I was given a 4 day weekend so I spent 3 of thoughts day on this drawing. I'm so happy this is done I mean i had fun drawing it but it still was way to long to spend on one drawing. I actually tried on my coloring and background which is rare for me. I also given ideas for an art book were I fill it with drawing filled with detail.Basically drawings I don't make very often.
"Don't replace me!"

Got this idea when I saw the append ver. and wanted to include Miku's old outfit with the new append outfit.
Water was a given because her hair reminds me of the ocean.
Program(s) used: Paint tool SAI
Character: Miku and Append Miku (from vocaloid)
Time: 1 day for basic sketch, 1 day for inking, and 1 days of coloring.

Thoughts?: I'm happy with the coloring~

Also I was able to draw append Miku with the help of this.

Edit: Because I'm a moron that cant spell or put in the right character name


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