Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I want my hat back

I finally completed the hell that was 'I want my hat back' parody. It was very popular on tumblr back when I started months ago and I just now finished it. And as you can tell I got super lazy at the end. Like really lazyyyyy.

I you can see I got so lazy I did even draw a person for the last character.
Meh, it works.


  1. D8 my comment was deleted!
    Your blog hates me...but I REFUSE TO GIVE UP!

    If I remember my comment correctly...I said the comic was very adorable. Glad she got her hat back. And...I like the yellow bird even if he's a stool pigeon. Think that was all of it...

  2. @sylphalchemist I think my blog just hates you xD
    Thank you!~
    it was a pain in the butt to finish but i'm glad I did ;D