Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mass Art Post before the New Year~

I'm due for one of this posts. All are doodles that I drew and posted one tumblr.

Yes I drew more Butters~

 Himari from PenguinDrum.
 Part of a joke on Facebook.
 Part of anther joke. If Ange was really manly~!
 SeeU being cute yo!
 More South Park fanart just not Butters this time. lol!
 for this comment I got~
Some genderbending of Erika from Umineko
There's a lot of doodle from school posts that I'll probably have to make another post just for them. (cause there's so damn many of them!)


  1. 8D Lots of pretty pictures ~
    I miss doodling ; A ;

  2. @sylphalchemist
    Thank you~ ^^
    I miss your doodles too ;A;
    They were beautiful