Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nail Art~

I've been getting into nail art lately.

I had to use photoshop so the color looked right. For some reason my camera couldn't take a good picture of my nails. Anyway, this was may first shot at water marbling my nails. I enjoyed water marbling my nails so much that I'm making another set for my Winter Formal dance next month.
(once again, sorry for picture quality)
Also the main reason for this post is to show off these little babies that I got in the mail today.

I can't wait to put these on my nails~!


  1. 8D How cool! Love those nails!

    BTW what are those things in the last 3 shots? Food? They look like candy :9
    (is that a Chocobo one??? - referring to picture #3, 3rd candy stick from the left)

  2. @sylphalchemist

    Noe you cut them thin (or thic as needed) and your put them on your nails. I'll be using the bow ones soon so I'll post when done so you can see ;D