Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I had a snow day today which means I had a lot of drawing time. Well at first I played some Persona 3. But I rage quit after getting killed so many times. So to that when I started to draw Fuuka to make me feel better.
Not the main drawing
I got the idea for drawing her to wear her persona's outfit from seeing Mitsuru's persona and thinking that thoughts cloths fit her well.n( but in the end I drew Fuuka.). This was also kind of the same idea I wanted for Modoka Magic characters to wear there witch outfits. Probably not an original idea but an idea none the less.

here's the main drawing~
Program(s) used: Paint tool SAI
Character: Fuuka, (persona 3)
Time: hmmm about 6 hours
Music: Tv sound 
Thoughts?: Lazy background is lazy. Also added cloth because I drew her crotch waaaaayyyyy to low. 


  1. Your anatomy seems to be really off, though your rendering is okay. Would you mind taking another look at it?

    1. I know ;;
      It was until after coloring it I noticed a ton of mistakes......
      That is pretty much is the issue with all my drawings. ^^;;